Type Approval


Certification is a process from application, testing and the issuance of a telecommunication certificate. Certificate is a written approval that a telecommunication equipment has fulfilled technical regulations applicable to Indonesia, called “type approval”.

Our Services have been designed to reduce cost and quickly time for certification telecommunication equipment in Indonesia for kabel or radio categorie, like Wireless System, Analog Modem, GPRS Modem for GSM, CDMA, USB Modem, Security Router, IP, Low Power Device, Bluetooth, Cordless, PABX, Antenna, Remote Control Transmitter, Receiver, Authomatic Identification System, and others telco equipment.

We provide the best approval strategy, through to preparing the approval application, monitoring, test process until certificate granted by Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunication.

As local specialist in certification or type approval services and with our expertice with regulation and lobbying to in charge officer helps to minimize delays in testing and gives our clients a measure of security in knowing that their approvals are in good hands.

Application letter is attached with:

  1. Form
  2. Company legal documents, such as company establishment act, operational license and tax registration number (NPWP).
  3. Technical documents, manual book, brochures and technical specification of the equipment.
  4. Authorized distributor shall attach reference letter from the manufacturer or principal for its assignment as the distributor.
  5. Importer shall attach Special Import Identification Number (NPIK).
  6. In relation to Mutual Recognizion Arangement (MRA), applicant shall attach test report issued by accredited test lab (ISO 17025).


After the applicant receive the certificate, applicant is obliged to attach label (mark) on the certified equipment or on its boxes. The label is intended to guarantee for the consumer and for the monitoring purpose by the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications in the market.

Our service also provide label printing.

Please contact our Customer Service to request a quote for type approval services or label printing

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